A'raf was founded in Lahore on March 2005. The primary target was to provide expensive drugs at effective cost & quality. We have full scale distribution setups in over 30 cities and our products are available in over 60 cities. A'raf has a dedicated marketing & medical sales team of over 100 personnel. Our network covers the entire territory of Pakistan thus providing comprehensive and sphisticated coverage.

Our Business

Our aim is to provide the best level of care and to provide "excellence in care" to all those who interact with us. This translate in to the following:

  • Care for our customers(patients)
  • Care for our clients(doctors)
  • Care for our company(team members)
  • These are 3c's or 3 cares of A'raf

Our Goal

Our Goal is "C" care for "3C"
"C" Customer
"C" Client
"C" Company

These 3C's are our mission, statement and our goal. Our business is to provide pharmaceutical drugs which are effective, economically and available to the general public.

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